Winter and spring

Landing. Winter in October, spring in may.

Cleaning. Winter — from the end of July, spring — a month later.

Differences. The spring is a lot of slices, in winter they are smaller, but the bulb is bigger, and he strelyatsya.

Storage. Winter is more productive, but is kept short, only 3-4 months. But the varieties of spring can delegate until the next harvest.

The signs of maturation

In winter garlic is a yellowing of the stem and feather, the complete straightening of the arrow, the spring is dried up and wilted leaves. But surely to ensure ripening before harvest, dig up some bulbs: if the skin around the head tight, you can see clear outlines of cloves —vegetable is ripe.

Harvesting garlic

Dig out the garlic better in the morning or evening in dry weather. Podkopat the bulbs carefully with a shovel or fork and pull them out of the land. To beat and shake the earth from the bulbs is not necessary. Leave the garlic in the garden for five to seven days. In the event of rain, the vegetables need to move under the canopy. The dried bulbs arrange in a single layer in a dark, dry room. After about two weeks, when the tops are completely dry, cut it off, leaving the stems with a length of 4-5 cm


On the bottom of the wooden box salt sprinkle a layer of 1-2 cm, put some garlic and again cover them with the salt. So empty your head and fill in the box to the top. Instead of salt you can take sawdust or ash. Store at a temperature of 3-5 degrees.