Why you should remove arrows from garlic plants?

Breaking arrows emerging from the garlic plant - it is obligatory agrotechnical reception in the cultivation of garlic, which increases the yield by 20-40%.

Arrow grow up, pull a lot of nutrients from the bulbs. And bullocky on the tip of the arrow still take more power and weaken the plant. To delay the removal of arrows is impossible, this delays maturation of the follicles. From garlic plants with bulbs left arrow and the teeth are always smaller.

When it is necessary to remove the arrows on the garlic?

Arrows better to remove, when the "spiral" haven't unwound in a straight line. If it is already "straightened", it was already too late. Arrow "pulled" food from the bulbs and remove them later.

How to remove garlic hands?

Better to cut using a knife or scissors, leaving a small part of the needle from the leaf. To cut better in the morning, to slice a little drier during the day.

Pulling an arrow from the plants can damage the root and the bottom with the teeth. If on a bed of good loose soil or with a weak root, you can pull out of the ground the plant as a whole.

After willamalane arrows remain "torn" sections, which do not heal and the plant will be faster with more strength. Moreover, under rainy weather these "wounds" can rot.