For winter sowing, choose late varieties of garlic as they contain higher amounts of trace elements that will ensure that the head of this useful plant will be strong and healthy. Take the large, undamaged garlic cloves.
Perform disinfection of seed. 3 days before planting, place the garlic cloves in a solution of manganese for 30-40 minutes, then remove and wipe dry. Disinfected planting of garlic should be performed no sooner than 72 hours.
To plant garlic for the winter and to harvest in the spring, you must select the correct time for planting. Selection of the month to plant garlic depends on your area and specific weather conditions. Planting garlic should be made before the middle of September and not later than mid-December.
Closely related to the choice of the soil in which you intend to plant winter garlic. Remember not to plant the plant 2 years in a row in the same place, because the garlic will be vulnerable to disease, pests, and will grow weak.
2-3 weeks before planting the land for sowing of garlic and dig up soil organic matter. Keep in mind that garlic, you cannot select loamy or clay soils, because they do not contain the necessary nutrients and are very heavy for this plant.
To plant garlic you need at a distance of about 5-6 cm apart, between the rows, leave no more than 10 cm, but not less than 4 cm sowing Depth should be about 6 cm.
After emergence of winter garlic it is necessary to properly care. Until garlic shooter water you need daily. It is also necessary to weed beds. If you fed the soil before planting, fertilize the garlic is additionally not necessary.