As in any business, learn a new technique you need with the most simple. There are several types of weaving bracelets. To make bracelets out of rubber bands by using special machines and gadgets, and without them. Here are a few techniques.

Weave bracelets out of rubber bands on fingers

One of the simplest techniques is the weave on the fingers. To begin, you will need the Rainbow Loom kit.

  • You need to take the first rubber band and twist it into a sign of infinity;
  • you should then put rings on one another;
  • to make it convenient to operate, it is necessary to clamp them between the index finger and thumb;
  • so, got two rings, through which is passed hook;
  • the kit includes a plastic Rainbow Loom hook, you can use or adapt normal knitting with metal. The optimum size of No. 3 or No. 4.
  • now you need to catch the new elastic, and then stretching until about the middle. You should pay attention to the fact that the other half of the gum should remain outside. It is important not to try too hard to pull, otherwise all the work will have to start over.
  • after that you should catch your fingers part of the weave, which is closest to the new tires. Then you need to have a hook in the rings, which are held by fingers, and then stretching a new one. In the work, you can use plain or colored loom band. Then get the mix.
  • now we need to intercept our bracelet as close as possible to the new and stretching the next.
  • at the final stage of the last rubber band should be secured using S-shaped clips made of plastic. Usually it is set to weave, but if desired it can be purchased at any craft store.

This technique is the most simple, is called a chain. It is great for those who don't know how to weave bracelets out of rubber bands. Once you've mastered it, you can master the more complex techniques. Externally, this bracelet will be a thin chain with links in the form of droplets.

But not all weave bracelets using a special kit, there are seamstresses that most ordinary hair bands small size make the decoration.

How to make bracelets out of rubber bands for hair

Here is the description of how to make a bracelet from hair elastics.

  • You need to take a scrunchie and wrap it around a pencil. We get two loops.
  • take the following (the color depends on preference);
  • you need to run it through two loops of the first clip;
  • weave bracelet before until it reaches the length to wrap it around your wrist;
  • the ends of the bracelet link. If desired, you can use fishing line or thread to tie the ends.

So, the techniques of this craft quite a lot. Having mastered the most simple ways, over time, you can learn how to weave ... fashion plaits bracelets or even covers for your favorite gadgets. However, this requires a special machine.