Money transfer system

Send money anywhere in the Crimean Peninsula, using system of remittances "Zolotaya Korona". The cost of the transfer is 1% of payment amount, but not more than 1000 RUB. to make a translation you can go to any branch of the Bank that works with the system of fast transfers and to specify the coordinates of the recipient. The recipient of the money transfer will be able to receive money at branches of the GENBANK and Krayinvestbank. Funds to reach the recipient, usually within a few hours.

You can also use the same system of remittances Western Union. The Commission for the transfer of funds will depend on the amount transferred. With the system of Western Union work almost all the banks located on the territory of Russia and Republic of Crimea.


More recently, the Russian post and GENBANK in the Crimea have the opportunity to give money, transferred from the electronic purse WebMoney. To confirm personal data, you must upload a scan of the passport and INN. Payment system WebMoney transfer funds charge a fee in the amount of 1.8% of the payment amount. The procedure of transfer is quite simple: the recipient is registered in WebMoney system, creates a wallet (WMR) and sends to the sender the number. Transfer of funds to the wallet is done in a few minutes.

Similarly you can transfer money to the Crimea, taking advantage of electronic payment services Yandex.Money and Visa QIWI Valet. In this case, the difference will be only in the cost of translation.

Money transfer through Russian Post

The transfer of funds by Russian Post is perhaps the easiest and most popular method to date. You can make a transfer in any nearest branch by specifying the full name, address and postcode of the recipient. Money to reach the recipient within 2-3 working days. When you transfer money to the Crimea via Russian post with the sender's transaction fee-250 RUB + 1% from the payment amount.

Transfer money to a Bank card or account

The greatest number of branches on the territory of Crimea has GENBANK, the savings Bank and RNBK – they are present in almost every village of the Peninsula. Terms of payment money transfer to the account of the recipient is typically 1-3 business days. The Commission for transfer of funds depending on the selected Bank will be from 0.5% to 2%.