How to send money.
This can be done in several ways: through the Bank Unistream, through the payment terminal, e-money Unistream Money transfers from mobile phone accounts, transfer Bank cards MasterCard or Maestro, depositing cash to the Bank card through MoneyGram. Each sender can easily choose the convenient way.
The transfer of funds through the payment terminal.
The most common type of funds transfer is the transfer through the payment terminal. No special labor, the effect will not be. Terminals can be found in almost any store. The advantage of this method is that the terminals operate around the clock, that is, to ship at any time. The registration will take you a few minutes.
The transfer of funds from mobile phone account.
Another equally popular method is money transfer through mobile networks. Thus, the sending can be done through operators MegaFon, Beeline, MTS. In addition, it is possible to use sites and apps for the phone. The funds are instantly debited from the mobile account, and after a couple of minutes can be removed in any office of Unistream.
The transfer of funds from one MasterCard or Maestro.
If you are a holder of MasterCard or Maestro owned by any Russian Bank, you can easily perform money transfers through the MasterCard Mobile service, where you will need to register. This will require access to the Internet. The service is available at any time. And the process of sending money will take only a few minutes.
How to receive money.
To obtain a money transfer it is necessary to come to Bank MoneyGram or any branch of the partner Bank. To learn their exact address, should go to the website, to select your city (if necessary can indicate the street) and see the list. Inform the employee of the Bank the control code, currency of the transfer, exact amount, and name of your sender. Don't forget to show a document proving your identity.
What you need to know when receiving a money transfer.
If you receive an amount of cash more than 75,000 RUB and are not a citizen of the Russian Federation, you will need additional documents such as certificate of registration and migration card. If instead your money will to someone else (the representative), it should be with him not only a passport, a notarized power of attorney. If you are going to obtain the amount of 500 euros, 1,000 dollars or 100,000 rubles at the offices of Unistream, please call the Bank branch and learn about available resources.