You will need
  • - money transfer and payment services;
  • - passport;
  • - name and address of the person who designed the money.
Select the type of mail transfer is. Russian post provides several types of such services differ in cost and speed of delivery. The cyber money valid on the territory of Russia and former Soviet States, to transfer at any post office. The cost of the service depends on the amount and the country to which you are sending the money: Russia - 5%, other countries - up to 7% of the transfer amount. In addition to this is charged a flat fee of 25 rubles (data for 2012).
You can also make the shipment via Western Union. This system may not be available in all post offices. The cost of sending money in the system above, but it has its advantages - money come in for several hours, and can be sent virtually around the world.
Deciding how you want to send the required amount, you come to the post office with a passport. Fill in the form of a money transfer, where you need to specify your surname, name and patronymic, address, passport number, amount, and purpose of the translation, the coordinates of the addressee - name and address. When sending Western Union you only need to specify the country and city where the person lives. Check the accuracy of this information.
Give the form and money to the employee mail. From him you will get a paper saying that the payment has been made. In some cases it will specify the special screening of od, which you will need to inform the addressee. Without it, getting money would be impossible. Also alert the person you are sending the money he can get it only with a passport.