You will need
  • the document for the ID amount to transfer
One of the most common systems of money transactions service "Instantly". To find the nearest convenient point, you can use the website For translation, as well as for withdrawal, you will need the identity document. After depositing the money in cash you report control number. This is the code the recipient needs to inform the operator. The money transfer will be available for issuance in any Department Migom within ten minutes after departure.
The system of transfers Contact is also popular due to the speed of operations. You don't have to open a separate account in order to transfer the required amount. Making money departure occurs within a few minutes. You can translate not only cash but also from his card account. Contact services are available in almost any Bank on the territory of Russia and CIS countries.
Western Union is one of the fastest and reliable services for money transfers throughout the world. The nearest facility can be quickly and easily found on the website For processing operations, it is necessary to register in the system. The recipient can withdraw the amount sent after a few minutes. To do this he must show a personal identification document (original only).
Cash administration through the system Unistream also convenient and reliable. The service is available in many banks, a list of which you can find at Unistream site. EN. In addition to ordinary transfers of cash, "MoneyGram" also offers to transfer money from their Qiwi account or mobile phone account. Another advantage of this system is the transfer of funds using the self-service terminals.
Shipment via Express Mail are popular because of their low Commission fees. The service is widely available in many offices of credit institutions in the terminals of the CyberPlat, Plat-Form and JCB, as well as in the trading network of Eldorado. You can calculate Commission for transfer and to find the nearest convenient point on the website