To transfer a large sum of money from one account to another of Sberbank in Russia is very simple. To do this, locate the ATM or payment-information terminal of the financial institution. Insert the card into the connector on the panel, enter the pin code. Select "Operations on deposits and Transfer funds from account to account". Click "OK" or "Enter". After that, the ATM will print you a few codes to carry out the necessary operations. Each of them can be used only once.
After receiving the code, go back to the heading "Operations on deposits". Enter the account number of the recipient and the amount of the transfer. In the appeared window add the password. Click "Translate" or "Send". Remember that if you exchange cash at a time may make no more than 15,000 rubles. Therefore, large sums of money better to send by using a credit card. The limit is not limited.
To transfer money without leaving the house, activate the service "Sberbank Online". For this you need a passport to visit the Bank branch where you are serviced. You will create a profile on the site through which you will carry out certain manipulations with his own account.
To translate a large amount of cash money abroad, use Western Union or Moneygram. Almost any Bank will accept the funds and deliver them to the recipient within days. He should just go to the nearest branch of any Bank, to name code and name of the sender, present a document and get cash. To the account to send money through the system, unfortunately, is impossible.
If all the above does not work, go to the nearest Bank, capturing the ID. Refer to the operator in the window and tell us how much money and to which account you want to transfer. The employee will complete the required form, you sign it and bring the money in cash (if cash). Wire transfers are a service of the Bank after your application.