You will need
  • money.
  • - passport;
  • - fountain pen;
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - Internet banking;
  • account in the same currency as that of the recipient;
  • - communication with the recipient;
  • - details of the recipient;
  • e - wallet and account number of the recipient.
The easiest and most common way to transfer money between the two countries, many systems quick transfer of payments without opening an account. For example, Western Union, "Contact", "Unistream", "Anelik" and many others.
From the sender you want to come to the Bank, working with one of these systems (as a rule, banks may offer services of several), fill out the necessary paperwork, and then show your passport to the cashier and give him the money.
You must issue a receipt and money transfer control number, which you must inform the recipient. He also must know the transfer amount and the sender's name.
When choosing a translation system we need to pay attention to the rates, the rate of movement of funds, the geography of the points of reception and delivery. Rates for translation start from 1% of the amount. Funds may become available to the recipient in time from 15 minutes to several hours, in any case, not later than the next day. In many systems, the money can be obtained throughout the country, in some, for example, "Unixtime" only at a specific address.
Transfers are most often carried out in dollars or euros, sometimes possible option in rubles. But the sender will always accept cash rubles, which is converted into the transfer currency at the Bank rate.
The recipient can elect to take cash in the transfer currency or in UAH, if the Bank, where he takes the transfer, the favorable exchange rate.
Bank transfer from account to account is possible only if the sender and recipient have accounts in the same currency. Accounts in dollars and euros, you can open almost any Russian and Ukrainian Bank.
Some Ukrainian banks you can open an account in Russian rubles, but most of the credit organizations of Russia remittances in rubles does not, so there are only European or American currency.
Orders can be made via Internet banking or at the teller in the Bank. In both cases, you will need the account details of the recipient in international format. Them, with the exception of the account number (should be the recipient), can be found on the website of the desired Bank.
Bank transfer is longer than the transfer via the payment system. On average three working days.
If the sender and receiver virtual wallets in any other payment system transfer to save you time and money. Funds go from one purse to another in seconds, and the Commission is purely symbolic.
It requires only the account number of the recipient. Insurance can protect the transfer with a protection code that is known only to the recipient.