You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
Look the person in the popular social networks, such as: "My world", "Classmates", "Vkontakte", "Twitter", etc. For this you have to complete the registration process on the resource and then use its search interface. In addition to the names, type, and other data known to you: country of residence, age of the person sought, etc.
Enter a name and other the information about the person in search box of your browser. If a wanted person is provided information about themselves anywhere on the Internet in free access, you find.
Make a formal request to the passport office or state archives in the city, where there are an estimated people. In this case, except names, and it is desirable to know other information (age, name), as there may be many namesakes. To make a request through the Internet, if the organization has its official website or e-mail Inbox.
If you know which school is finished you need people, go to the website of the University (if any), in the category of "graduates of different years". Many of them leave their contact details.
If you know the place of work of the person whose address you are interested in, look for the organization's website and contact information on it. If you specify e-mail, write a letter with a request to help you get in touch with their employee.
Go to the official website of the program "Wait for me": Sign up, fill in the questionnaire by writing, whom you are looking. Here you can at the same time check, not wanted by anyone of you, inserting your data in a particular row. In addition to this resource on the Internet, there are several such sites that provides assistance in finding people. Their services are usually free. If you offer to pay money for information, beware - it's probably a Scam.