You will need
  • - kerosene;
  • - ammonia;
  • - flea shampoo;
  • - chemical means.
The very first Wake up and fly to their wintering umbrella psyllids. They settle abundantly on shoots, carrots and destroy the plants at the stage of the first sheet. The adult insects and the larvae suck the base of the root, it causes twisting. When the mass departure psyllids can hit the crops of parsley. To destroy the pest, drag above the patch of twine soaked in kerosene. Psyllids can't stand the smell and will fly to your garden party. Instead of kerosene, you can use ammonia. Dissolve in 10 liters of water 1 liter of alcohol, spray the crops of carrot and parsley from the bottle.
Cruciferous flea completely destroys seedlings of cabbage, sprouts, turnip, radishes, rutabagas, radish. Don't try to strew the beds of tobacco or ash. This is a completely useless way that was not justified. Sprinkle the sprouts with a shampoo against fleas, designed to wash cats and dogs. Dissolve 3 tablespoons of shampoo in 10 liters of water, re-treatment with the spray. It will have to do weekly and after each rain.
Flight of the vegetable fly, which attacks the cabbage, carrot, onion, beet, begins during cherry blossom. At the same time, start flying butterfly the small white or cabbage butterflies. Use strong pesticides is not necessary. Prepare a strong infusion of tansy, wormwood, onion skins, yarrow or orange and lemon peels. Dilute 1 litre per 5 litres of water, spray plants.
Cabbage budworm, moths and steklenica appears during the mass flowering raspberry. Ways of dealing are the same as the vegetables fly.
The greenhouses are starting to annoy whiteflies, spider mites, aphids. For destruction, use drugs of new generation "Phyto-features a large sau" or "spark-bio". Large population of pests can be destroyed by chemical means "Top-old", "Konditor", "sonnet". These same tools are used to kill the Colorado potato beetle.
Tomato mite affects eggplant and tomatoes. To destroy, use a 0.1% solution of galatrona or 0.05% solution of Tamarana.
Slugs amaze pepper, lettuce, eggplant. To fight opalite ground ground superphosphate, lime with pushonkoj or potassium salt. Of chemicals you can use "Metaldehyde", but it is highly toxic, so carefully read the instructions.
For the destruction of wireworms use "Basudin" in granules. It needs to be mixed with sand to make the soil before planting potatoes.