You will need
  • - bait (manure, honey, beer);
  • - ready means (meditox, thunder);
  • trap.
With the early spring we will start destruction of the pest. As soon as will melt snow lay on the ground a small handful of manure. They will get the females to lay their eggs. After three weeks, well explore the dung lure and destroy the egg-laying of mole crickets.
In the moves done by the pest, pour soapy solutions that expel medvedok. For solution preparation take 2 tbsp of washing powder or soap in a bucket of water and a good shed moves. All coming to the surface pests destroy.
Fabricate traps. Like mole cricket, you can catch the glass jars. Banks lubricate the inside with honey or pour into the bottom of a little beer to attract the pest. Banks bury the bottle outside in the places where most of the mole crickets. In the morning inspect the traps. After 3-4 days, bait update.
When planting seedlings, use repellent agents. In the hole to the roots of plants pour the crushed stems chrysanthemums, marigolds. The crickets don't like the smell of plants, and they will ignore your landing.
Get ready drugs to combat the pest. If you use as baits grain or cereals, don't forget to sprinkle them with earth, to prevent the deaths of feathered friends of the garden. The finished granules (thunder, meditox) play in the moves of the pest in damp places or spill moves medvedok water.
With the onset of autumn catch pests, preparing for hibernation. Dig a pit depth of about 50 cm To the bottom of the pits put the manure. As soon as cold and will get their first snowfall, remove the manure and scatter on the site. So everything is gathered to spend the winter, the mole crickets will freeze.