Preventive measures

Very often owners are faced with various pests that reduce yields. One such pest is the larva of the carrot fly, which significantly reduces the quality and quantity of the total crop.

Carrot fly itself does not eat vegetables, but lays eggs. The larvae are small in size, about 7 mm. a Fly can lay eggs directly to the furrow between the rows of planted carrots, or directly on vegetables.

In order to protect the crop of carrots, the best option is to prevent the emergence of larvae. For these purposes, use different repellent agents. First of all, it is onion peel. The fact is that volatile have a special smell, which is unpleasant to the flies.

Just need to put them between rows of onion peel and it's done. You can spray infusion of onion land. To prevent the deposition of eggs and emergence of larvae it is advisable to use orange peel. Good effect gives the use of mothballs, black pepper.

It is important that this should be done in the spring, or rather, in the month of may. It is known that flies goes hand in hand with cherry blossoms, dandelions. It is advisable to change every year the flower bed for planting carrots, but after 3 – 4 years to return to its original place. It is advisable to plant carrots rare and not fertilize it with manure.

How to destroy the larvae of the carrot fly

In that case, if all the same carrot fly laid larva, the necessary urgent measures. First, in the market there are many insecticides, but using them is dangerous because of contact with carrot. Secondly, the larvae of carrot flies love damp and heavy soil, so watering the carrots often not recommended.

Better to do it rarely, but very heavily. Definitely need to clean the beds of weeds. The larvae begin to go into the ground in autumn, they are located at a depth of 15 – 20 cm If conditions allow, it is possible to fill the garden bed with a clean soil layer of 20 – 25 cm and then the larvae of the carrot fly can't get out and die.

To collect the larvae by hand is not an option, so have to dig the whole bed. Thus, on the basis of the foregoing, it can be concluded that to destroy the larvae of the carrot fly is not so simple. The most effective option is prevention of their appearance and oviposition of flies. The main repellent – this natural repellent: plants and products with a pungent odor.