Payment through the terminal - this is the most common method to replenish the balance until recently. You find the terminal, enter your phone number, desired amount and the corresponding amount in banknotes. Most often, the money is immediately transferred to the account, but most likely you will be charged a small Commission. Disadvantage of this method is that it is often necessary to defend the place, because through such terminals, people pay not only cellular, but also other types of services.
Payment in the cellular interior is almost indistinguishable from the previous method. Except that all transactions for you produced by a specialist. The queue is also not necessary.
When paying with a credit card there are several possibilities. You can recharge your account via Internet, ATM or even your mobile phone by sending a request using a certain combination of characters. Deposits through the ATM repeats the payment through the terminal. Instead of money you just need a Bank card.
Interactive ways much easier. The only question is, do you know the details of your Bank card and is it possible to get online. If Yes, then you can easily put money on the phone via the Internet. By the way, if you have no cards, but there are tools at Yandex.Money, you can top up the account from there.
Finally, a credit card will help you to replenish the balance via phone. To check whether this possibility with your Bank. There you will prompt that you enter on the phone to the account has been replenished.
But if there is no Internet, no Bank cards, no cash money you will help Tele2. The operator will provide you with the service "promised payment", taking a small Commission. Type *122*1# and press the call button. You account will be credited the amount that would be charged in a few days. During this time we must have time to replenish the balance to be in the black.