All of these acronyms denote the audio and video quality. CAMRip – first of the qualities which, as a rule, the worst. Audio and video are recorded in the cinema hall. Films of this quality faster only appear in the access after the film's release. This explains the low quality. On the screen you can occasionally hear the laughter or the voices of the audience in front of the screen can be silhouettes, etc.

Also TS is recorded by a camera in the cinema, but the room is completely empty. Quality video and audio better than CAMRip, since the technology is put on a tripod, and audio is recorded with a separate entrance, which eliminates the possibility of extraneous noise.

Often confused with TS TC. Video was shot with the original films using a special technique. The video and audio quality depends on the professionalism of the equipment used. However, when you view the violation of the natural colors.

DVDRip, DVD Screener and DVD HQ - marking video files, the contents of which are removed from the original DVD disk and processed. The image is leveled, cleaned of interference. In General, the quality is very good even at low volumes (600 MB – 1.5 GB).

TVRip – another quality. Video recorded from TV signal. Now material of this quality is rare, mostly on cassette media. If they make a copy, you get SCR. The image in such a ruined water marks and stains.