You will need
  • The upper part of the armor of the Dynasty of any kind, Essence of the Dynasty (or Dynasty Essence II) complete the quest "the Way to the Island of Hell."
Move to the Island of Hell. This can be done through the NPC "the Gates of Distortion" in the city Hain, or via the same NPC in the location "Heath", owned by the city of Gludio.
Go to the place marked on the map of the Island of Hell as "Steel Citadel Outpost".
Wait for the onset of a period games night. During game night occurs immediately after the end of day's play. Game night lasts one hour in real time, and game day to three hours.
Find the NPC "Legendary Blacksmith Shadai".
Open the dialog interaction with the NPC "Legendary Blacksmith Shadai".
Improve the upper part of the armor of the dynasty, Dynasty Essence, or Essence of Dynasty II.