Unleavened bread symbolizes the natural man, consisting of a million of the natural elements, and a lot of people in the world. The lower part of the communion bread represents the carnal (earthly) part of man, and the upper part (with the seal of the cross and the word "victory" in Greek) is his spirituality.
In the manufacture of communion bread yeast are mixed in the Holy water. The Holy water signifies the grace of God, and yeast – the great power of the Holy spirit, who gives life to all that exists on earth.
For Church services use only fresh communion bread, since the prayer over stale bread equated with sin. The round shape of the communion bread speaks of the eternity of the Savior of all men Jesus Christ and reminding the person of his eternal life. Traditionally, the communion bread must be baked by those who have not married or entered it only once.
In the temple of the communion bread you can get at the candle at the end of the Liturgy, after submitting a note On "health" or "for the repose". The names mentioned in the notes, are read and for each of the wafers to be removed particle.
At the end of the Liturgy, all the worshippers will distribute small pieces of communion bread – Antinori to take that need with reverence, with folded hands cross and place your right hand on the left. You need to kiss the priest's hand that brought this gift. The antidoron eat on an empty stomach, there in the Church with special reverence.
Bringing the Eucharist home, get clean skater, put it on the very prosphora and Holy water. Before eating say a prayer of thanks to God for his mercy. Prosphora eat over a plate or a clean sheet of white paper, so no Holy crumbs fell on the table or even on the floor. Prosphora Holy bread from heaven, make you want with fear and humility. Cut a regular kitchen knife Eucharist is forbidden. For these purposes it is desirable to have a special knife that you keep clean separately from other cookware.
Artos – Easter Eucharist – you need to store as a relic in the corner next to the icons and to use in difficult moments or in sickness for a tiny piece of that this Holy leavened bread enough until the next great feast of Easter.