Siberian ginseng can be considered an excellent natural adaptogen that allows the body to resist many diseases. It stimulates the Central nervous system, improves mental and physical performance, increases visual acuity and hearing, has a General strengthening effect on the human body.

Siberian ginseng doctors often recommend the use of at low pressure, greater fatigue, after illness for faster recovery of the body, exhaustion of the nervous system. That is, if fall, winter or spring you have no strength to work, chat with family and friends, you should try taking Siberian ginseng. It is very competitively priced and accessible even for the lowest paid professions, but it is perfectly invigorates, gives energy, one might even say, the desire to do something useful.

Siberian ginseng available in the form of tinctures (liquid form) and tablets. Approximate dosage: 20-40 drops for adults, children under 12 years not recommended treatment with Eleutherococcus. If you feel that the dose you are not enough, you can slightly increase it, but perhaps because of individual characteristics, the dose will have to be reduced. It is important to remember that this tool is only the first half of the day because of the possibility otherwise, just don't fall asleep in the evening because of its stimulant action.

Based on his actions with extreme caution should be used Siberian ginseng for those who suffer from high blood pressure, allergies, heart problems, increased irritability, sleep problems.

Interestingly, Siberian ginseng is used for external application in the treatment of seborrhea, hair loss. A decoction of Siberian ginseng is sometimes recommended for rinsing hair.

Also in order to energize the body, we can recommend not the usual tincture of Siberian ginseng, and tea made from this plant.