Fears Of Aries

At heart, Aries is afraid of family life and obligations in the relationship. Even their own feelings can cause anxiety. Affection to the woman and permanent stable relationship can carry a real threat to his personal liberty, so it can for years to postpone the decision to marry with his lover. It is not necessary in any case to press, and strongly persuade to take the desired decision. You need to properly convey to RAM that you want to spend with him the rest of his life, and the final decision he takes himself.

Fears Taurus

Taurus is set up for success. He used to feel master of the situation. A woman who is near him, must feel his care and attention. The material side of life is worth it in the first place. Taurus can perfectly cope with minor problems, however, a series of major trouble can permanently knock out a bullock out of a rut and spread his love uncertainty and anxiety. He will simply cease to believe in yourself and become a mean brawler. You need to give him full support in times of difficulties and not to demand from a Calf more than he can give in this difficult period of his life.

Fears Of Twins

Male Twins for most of their lives afraid of boredom and monotony. The daily routine is clearly not for him. This man is constantly striving to make new acquaintances and bright impressions. He will never be for the family home handyman", and this is to accept the woman who chooses to associate with him his life. Not worth it to argue with him and swear, it is better to simply relieve him of household chores, otherwise life together can turn into endless torment.

Fears Cancer

Cancer is just a real storehouse of all kinds of fears and phobias. He may be afraid of flying by plane, to sleep in the dark, physical pain and doctors. The woman beside him must be sensitive to its small weaknesses, especially because the best man is hard to find among other Zodiac signs. Cancer, unlike others, am not afraid to tie the knot. This man should feel the head of the family despite the fact that his woman must always take care of him like a loving mother.

Fears Of A Lion

Leo is afraid to remain without attention from others. It is vital to continually feel the admiring looks and be the center of attention. He will shamelessly flirt with his coworkers, and a woman being with him, should understand that. More than anything, Leo is afraid to be alone, deprived of all affection. It is not necessary to associate with him life, if you're the jealous and resentful – it will bring you an indispensable disappointment.

Fears Virgo

Man-Virgo all the time afraid of being deceived. He is not naturally endowed with intuition, and therefore very long will test you to make sure that your feelings towards him very sincere. This man absolutely does not fit romantic and dreamy women. Next to him, happy to be practical and sober girl who does not build illusions and do not head in the clouds. The best manifestation of love for him-not a passionate Declaration of love and gentle look, and a delicious dinner and perfect cleanliness in the house.

Fears Are Weights

This man is afraid of responsibility. For him it is a nightmare: to be in a situation when you need to make an important decision. Male-Libra dreams of him constantly guided, helped and advised. He likes to be with him all the time to communicate, encourage and praise. This man long will be left alone, so if you and him had a fight, do not need much to delay the reconciliation, otherwise, soon you can be the other woman.

Fears Of Scorpio

Scorpio does not like to show others my weaknesses. It is known that this is the most secretive sign of the Zodiac. However, he is full of fears as any other person. First of all, Scorpio is afraid of losing his power over the woman. He was used to manipulate feelings and emotions of their women, and enjoy their power. This man will shun strong women with independent and strong character, which is hard to manage.

Fears Of Sagittarius

Most in life Sagittarius afraid to seem ridiculous and absurd. Around women, he usually holds important and arrogant. If you want to build with him a long and strong relationship, there is no need to make fun of him and try to put him in a bad light. Sagittarius need a woman who can temper their ambitions and look to him as a creature of a higher order fully to share his thoughts and views on life.

Fears Of Capricorn

Capricorn doesn't like to feel uncertainty. This man wants to plan our lives for decades to come, and all the others to subordinate their plans. He is afraid of change and innovation. If you want to be near him, it is all the time for him to prove his constancy. Capricorn needs to see you as reliable and stable partner, which one day will not throw a nasty surprise.

Fears Of Aquarius

Aquarius does not like responsibility, so he is happy to shift all the household responsibilities on his woman. She will have to solve all the problems, including the maintenance, purchase and sale of real estate and the purchase of new furniture. This is not the man that will shower his woman with expensive gifts. Aquarius in the first place would always think only about yourself, your comfort and convenience. Most of all he is afraid of scandals, accusations and claims in their favor, so to think a thousand times before to marry him.

Fears Fish

The man-Fish afraid of certainty. He always difficult to make a concrete answer. He keeps his family in suspense about his true feelings. However he does this not out of malice, just he himself really knows what really wants. If you want to associate with him your future life, you should not put any pressure on him, just go near the flow, enjoying the moment. Maybe somewhere and will come, if the road does not uvyaznite in algae.