Aries is aggressive and primitive. He will go ahead, despite common sense and the obvious futility of such actions. Is extremely cruel and vindictive. Finance is very irresponsible and willing to spend it all on useless trinkets and beer. Representatives of this sign love to invent, to brag and make evil jokes, from which it becomes funny only to them. Aries suffers from frequent memory lapses, so sometimes not able to remember the simplest things.


Petty bore. At work it is often regarded as candid a weasel and a Snitch, always ready to curry favor with superiors. Taurus woman loves to build yourself out in front of her children and her husband a real Martyr who does everything for the welfare of the family. Taureans love money, so always something to accumulate and save. In terrible anger a Taurus, so no need to flirt with him and try bring him out of himself. Man Taurus often becomes a domestic tyrant, while at the same time neighbors and friends honestly believe that he's just a darling. Taurus is inclined to bodily pleasures, lustful and depraved.


This is the eternal children, who flatly refuse to grow up and take life seriously. They are in childhood until his death. Love to talk and give a lot of useless advice. They do not care that no one perceives, the main thing – is itself a process of constant transfusion from a sieve. The twins do not want to strain. Serious work is not for them. Gemini it is important to constantly be in a state of celebration. They love a good walk and I just love the noisy companies and parties, however, it is desirable that no one bothered with financial problems. The twins are stingy and do not like to spend their money.


The eternal loser and a cranky conservative who most of the time completely wrapped up in myself. Likes to engage in pointless debate, and gets an incomparable pleasure. A coward in life, but can strike first, while all of this is done solely out of fear. Cancer may be the time to pretend to be strong and successful, but really he just loves the solitude and peace.


The lion is very lazy by nature and prone to outright extortion. He has an exaggerated sense of self-esteem. It truly Royal manners can inflict on the family budget irreparable damage. Leo just loves to constantly be the center of attention. To it constantly needs to be chained enthusiastic glances. Leo willing to take risks, often without cause, so often mired in debt and countless credit. The cause of all ills of a Lion – is it an exaggerated sense of self-esteem. Without success, the lion simply can not imagine the further existence and to rise turns out not all representatives of this zodiacal constellation.


Grumpy nerd that just loves to nitpick. If you have linked their fate with the representative of this sign, be ready that you will constantly bitching about, and often for no reason. In General, it is safe to say one thing: nerves you just is not enough. Virgin can be deduced from the equilibrium state of any, even very quiet man. Virgo is a recognized master of intrigue, so it is better not to quarrel. The revenge of an angry virgin is truly terrible: it is extremely sophisticated and with cold calculation to destroy their enemies and foes.


Libra is absent ambition. It is very difficult to make a responsible decision and take responsibility. In life they were not lucky, they just are unable to wide gestures and impulsive actions. That is to say, Libra is the only inanimate sign in the entire zodiac, so from them, nothing good can be expected. Libra fearful and shift all the responsibility on the loved ones. Like to pretend to be aesthetes and connoisseurs, although plainly in no way understand.


Want to get hold of terrible enemy – make friends with a Scorpion. If not, he has not yet had time to make you stuff, don't worry – you are still ahead. Scorpio will stop at nothing to achieve their goals. They are cheating, intrigue, revenge and hate. A lot of Scorpios are often cheating on their partners. It is extremely lustful creatures. If he is with you polite and courteous, so he has something you need. Scorpios love to cause pain, but they also experience pleasure from it.


Optimism, bordering on cretinism. It's hard to be happy for no apparent reason. In the head of Sagittarius in early childhood breeds a bunch of stupid ideas, which he actively tries to impose on others. Of Archer very quickly can be tiring. Family life he is able to deliver their half so much trouble that she will pray to God to give her at least a week of rest. Sagittarius love fun and noisy company with abundant libations. So would he be sitting at the dinner table all my life.


Capricorn – born tyrant. He just can't coexist with others on an equal basis. His constant lust to dominate and suppress makes it cold and hard. In family life he will start to nitpick all the little things, demanding perfection in everything. Capricorn is just not able to laugh at yourself. Everything about his precious person, he perceives extremely painful. Against him can be countered only by brute force. Intelligence Capricorn does not possess, although most people consider "stupid". This is a rare combination of megalomania with an inferiority complex.


This fellow is completely divorced from the realities of life. After listening to his reasoning, you would think that only yesterday he hung the moon. Do not borrow him money. About your debt, he will forget. The promises of Aquarius is not to be trusted. His word is worth nothing. He dislikes to work and prefers penniless, but independent existence of a long and fruitful work. It always must be tightly controlled.


It's a natural-born cheaters and liars. Used to fill at every opportunity, sometimes confusing their bullshit, but all the time trying to get out. Love to intrigue, and always try to get away with it. They cannot be trusted with secrets, in any case, they will cough up. Fish are extremely curious and just love other people's stories, where will try to Shine the mind, acting as home-grown psychologist. Inherently cowardly and always try to withdraw at the crucial moment.