One of the most vulnerable places of men is pride. Manhood, the authority to affect not it should. Otherwise, you can injure the guy. It is not necessary to criticize a young person, especially in humans. In front of his friends and family it is better to speak about a man only in a positive way. If the girl has any claim to your partner, it is preferable to present it alone with him. Not to shout and goad a young man in a public place. This insult and humiliation, he did not forgive.
Of course, guys are not so sensitive to their appearance as the fairer sex. However, signs that indicate their masculinity, they pay special attention. For example, the guy can not long endure early balding or short. Such moments are a sore spot for some young people.
Another weakness of male competition. Some guys love to win, win. However, if the comparison is not in their favour, young people are sometimes very worried. In General, this weakness should be used wisely. If a girl wants to motivate his choice, she can summon it to the competition. But to give an example of someone more successful is not worth it. It will hurt the guy.
Beautiful, sexy girls are the weakness of some men. Sometimes a guy can't miss the beauty of the past, and then suffering because of his amorousness. Generally, it happens that the topic of sex, young people attach more importance than women. For example, they are very sensitive to the body, symbolizing manhood, and to their endurance in bed. Man, it is important to establish myself as a lover.
Sometimes that is the weak point of men is his passion. This can be hunting, fishing, cars, sports. Young people really do not like to infringe on their right to spend free time for a hobby. At the same time for the opportunity to indulge his hobby, they are willing to sacrifice. Some companion male representatives even jealous of their Hobbies and I think that guys give hobby too much time, effort and money.
There are men who appreciate women, first of all, the ability to cook well. Some guys love to eat. Food is their weakness. Wise girls skillfully use this vulnerability and attract guys with your own thrift. Although you can find guys who are completely indifferent to gourmet food.