So, you press PrtSc in order to capture everything that is currently on the screen, or use Alt and PrtSc to capture only the active window, but what to do you don't know. Meanwhile, the image fell into the clipboard and search for it in any of the folders on your computer makes no sense. Much easier to go the traditional way.
For this you will need any image editor, even the simplest. Fortunately, on any computer running the Windows operating system has preinstalled Paint. They should be used to find the screenshot.
Click on the "start" button in the lower left corner of the screen, go to "All programs" and locate the folder "Standard" icon in the palette and lettering Paint. Click on it to launch the program.
Now you can "pull" a screenshot from the clipboard and paste into Paint. This can be done by pressing Ctrl and V or by selecting edit "Paste." The screen will immediately appear in the editor window.
You only have to store the image. To do this, press Ctrl S or click the menu "File" and click "Save as". Specify the folder in which you would like to place a screenshot, enter a title and click "OK".