Squirting – what is it?

Squirt (the Squirting jet orgasm) is an abrupt release of turbid fluid that occur during the female orgasm, or directly in front of him. This orgasm is much more powerful for my feelings than usual. Not every girl and woman can experience jet orgasm. While some women enjoy Squirting, others do relate to this kind of sexual pleasure skeptical, calling it questionable entertainment for perverts.

Squirting is a myth or reality?

As mentioned above, some women who do not experience jet orgasm, do not believe in his existence. Moreover, there is a perception that the fluid released by a woman during the time of Squirting, it is the usual urine is released due to incontinence. Sexologists say that all doubts about the existence of squirt is nonsense. Squirting is a kind of female orgasm, and if any of the ladies can not reach, it does not mean that it is not.

How the point of the Site

The point of the Site (or point G) – a kind of "prostate" in women, which allocates the same liquid secretions (ejaculate) emitted by the fairer sex while the achievements of the jet orgasm. Sexologists say that to call this kind of orgasm can only be properly stimulated the G-spot: her skilful massaging can lead a woman to such a rapid and strong orgasm, incomparable with all other types.

It is worth noting that often the harbinger of the jet orgasm is about the urge to urinate, but the emission of urine takes place. To get a powerful release of ejaculate, the woman must overcome your false desires. Sometimes already come Squirting culminates in a semiconscious state of a woman, involuntary convulsions of her body, and fine tremors in the extremities.

Squirting is the most sensual and intensely sexual behaviour, which may go female. At this moment she is helpless, so her partner some time after the jet orgasm must be near his beloved. Not be amiss to hug and kiss a woman. The one who learns the art of the present Squirting, plunged into a whole new world full of sexual passions and true emotions, are capable of the human body!