How to start work on the bugs

Before you start trying to regain the location of friends and relatives, you need to try to figure out the reasons for his forced loneliness. The problem may be hiding in your nature, behavior, manner of speech, and building relationships with other people. If you have saved a neutral relationship with at least one person try to ask him what, in his opinion, pushes away from you.

If to discuss such a topic you don't really have anyone, try to scroll in my head the most memorable conflict dialogues. Try to objectively evaluate their remarks and behavior. If you do noticed in his manner of speech, something repulsive, try to work on it. Scroll in mind not only those dialogs that were actually, but to invent others. A conversation with interior reviewer will help you to better understand what people may not like to communicate with you.

If nobody wants to help you

The problem may lie not only in your manner of communication. If you have any serious difficulties in life, people can turn away from you, not to try to help you. In this case, you practically can't do anything with the situation. Serious problems in life has repeatedly been the cause of discord even between close friends.

Much harder to solve the problem when the cause of the disorder is some kind of psychopathology (alcoholism, autism or even depression). In this case, you should at least try to get rid of their illness on their own. Only then can you expect to return favors to their friends and relatives. If you find it hard to cope with this alone, don't hesitate to ask for help. Family, seeing that you are trying to solve the problem, you will not refuse to help you.

The cause of the disorder might be something you have committed a nasty act, a mistake. In this case, you need to try to make amends, and, if possible, to fix it. If your actions hurt someone close to you, first of all you should apologize and offer maximum assistance in solving the problem.

If you want to establish relationships with loved ones, do not expect them the first steps towards you. Try to make peace with others, even if the conversation is difficult for you. Shyness can greatly hinder the solution of such problems. If these people were really close, they'll get your message to your desire to make peace or to make amends.