Breathe deep and try to count to 5 or 10. It's hard to do when emotions are running high, but over time this technique will allow you to monitor the status at the moment of provocation.
Try to answer the interlocutor calmly, sexmates. Remember a joke or funny story, so you will be awkward silences and off-voltage. Smile at her "provocateur". It'll disarm a lot more effective than your scream, or protecting the rights of offended dignity.
Learn to breathe properly. If a person gets angry, he quickens the heartbeat. Bring your breathing back to normal, sometimes it is enough just to do a few deep breaths.
Be wiser. Remember that you are the most intelligent, serious, thoughtful people. This will help to suppress negative emotions and a more sober assessment of the situation. Condescending attitude to what is happening.
Do not put your anger on others. Try to distract, if nothing helps, join a gym, buy a punching bag. Keeping the rage at the right time, you have to throw out later. Can doing push UPS or just to pay attention to the hobby. Resorting to this, you avoid conflict and keep your inner peace.
Put yourself in the place of a provocateur, it is possible that his problems will seem insignificant. Think about your trouble as well for someone does not make sense. Offending the person, you can provoke a long protracted conflict. So spare and think about something abstract. At work think about what you will cook for dinner, and then about the unfinished report and the upcoming planning meeting.
Dream. Imagine how you will avenge the offender in detail, can in the mind to insult him, to hit, to make another trouble. Get rid of the presence of the provocateur - go somewhere on business, leave for a stroll in the Park. Move back away from the passenger, if the conflict occurred in transport.
Can't stand it? Let your aggression will manifest externally. Avoid shouting and insults, respond calmly, but sarcastically, or to hurt the feelings of the enemy, but in any case not to raise your voice and keep a smooth tone.