First of all, you need to understand that loneliness and despair are only temporary status with a negative emotion. In fact, to feel needed and not so alone simply. One has only to turn to the other persons face and make them something nice.

Ask for help to other people

Rarely it may happen that a person really has no family or friends. Rather, it is a terrifying exception to the rule. So if relatives or friends still there, in a difficult situation it is necessary to contact them and tell them that you tormented. If you sincerely ask them for help, they will help you. In this difficult period of his life to forget all past grievances that could be earned on family and friends, and remember how happy you were with them in the past. It's not strangers, they know you better than anyone else, so in a state of depression from loneliness is best to contact them.

Chat with a psychologist is another option to figure out their own problems, to vent and get professional advice. You can contact psychological services by telephone or make an appointment.

A good option is to make new friends, and, as in the real world and online. It is impossible to imagine that such a large number of people at least someone responded to your request to chat and wouldn't accept you for who you are. For better communication you need to contact the group of those people who you something close: to go to the library or bookstore if you like books, look for the match, if you are a sports fan. Those new friends can help you to defuse the situation, it's a great way to get someone to understand you.

Be needed

If ways to make new friends don't fit or until you find the right person does not work, try to help people. This is one of the best options to feel needed. You can help in animal shelters, nursing homes, hospices, orphanages, shelters for the homeless. You can participate in actions of volunteers cleaning up the city or to raise money for treatment. Any help would be needed by others and will help you to feel better.

Ultimately, you can find yourself a pet or even adopt a child. After all, no one is more loyal than a furry creature and no one more important than the child. With them it is impossible to feel redundant.