First you need to understand that command respect in two ways: by force and intimidation or their own unique personality, and intelligence. The second method is naturally more complicated. And the first should not be considered because of its incorrectness.
Build your reputation. You are worthy, solid people and everyone should understand this. And to understand yourself as a boast, even a very veiled and tidy, cause the respect of the people, and the contempt or pity. Live only the way you think is right and don't be afraid to be different from other people. Avoid overconfidence and wordy. Conventional solid and calm "no" will cause more respect than an angry tirade.
Keep yourself in shape. Your appearance should match your inner strength. It's hard to command respect if you look like a balloon or a muffin – so it's worth to walk to the gym and get in shape. Internal emphasize the seriousness of stylish and simple clothes. Pay special attention to accessories cheap tie and cuff links with an expensive suit will look stupid. However, be careful not to stick out the most expensive outfits. Show off her natural and slightly sloppy.
Be smart and extraordinary. High intelligence is always respected, especially if it is combined with a successful career and an interesting appearance. However, do not always have the opportunity to demonstrate your high IQ. Such cases are good unusual Hobbies, talking about your originality. Jump with a parachute, climb the Everest information: raft kayak, etc. In this case, you will always be in the spotlight and will be able to show their best side, demonstrating your intelligence and education. But never speak on a topic in which I do not understand. You can reply that you are far from this problem and are not a connoisseur of the subject. Such honesty would rather command respect, but pathetic attempts to keep the conversation on a little familiar to you theme can become a cause of ridicule or unflattering for you conclusion about your narrow-minded mind.
Be prepared to defend its position. Conflict in life is not rare and in this case you need to prove its reputation as a respected man. Don't compromise, let them know that you do not approve of the views of an opponent. Be confident, not taking my eyes off him. Answer directly, carefully. Keep yourself under control, even if the person annoys you. Such behavior is always a matter of respect as opposed to who with foam at a mouth to prove his innocence.
And last, be respectful of others. You can never force people to respect themselves, if you are not will be treated accordingly to worthy individuals. Show them that you care for their opinion, show interest, empathize, and then they'll tell you the same.