Get rid of victim complex. If you tend to blame everything and everyone for your own failures, you should learn to take responsibility for their own lives. The realization that only you can change it, to choose the path that will go further to make the only right decision, will help to get rid of psychological bondage, forcing to believe in their own helplessness and the hostility of the surrounding world.
Take a break. Unpleasant news and events can permanently unsettle. Panic, nervousness, irritation is unlikely to help to make the right decision. Don't make any conclusions rashly, give yourself time to "reset". Walk down the street, drink a Cup of coffee or tea, eat a piece of chocolate — before you act, help yourself to calm down and relax a bit.
Find out the source of the negativity. Try you describe your feelings. Resentment? Anger? Fear of the unknown? These emotions are not constructive and only in the way to perceive the situation. In any situation, remember that everything passes. And in a month or a year, the current difficulties will seem just everyday troubles.
Understand the situation. Armed with pen and paper, to structure thoughts on a sheet is easier than in his own head. To begin, describe the situation. Then write what would be the worst outcome. Try to reconcile with him. In most cases, awareness of even the worst-case scenario is better than not knowing. Now fix it on paper what the result will be most appropriate for you. Having determined this point, make a plan of action that will help to achieve a favorable outcome.
If the situation is such that to predict the development you can't, try outlining likely scenarios and taking them, just go with the flow. To distract from sad thoughts, take care love or allow yourself to relax. Remember that every difficult situation gives you invaluable life experience.