You will need
  • - money for entertainment;
  • - possible items for a picnic.
The first thing that comes to mind - somewhere together to go. In a cafe or in the movies. And you can remember your childhood and ride in the Park on the rides. Admit it, did you had time to visit all the museums and theatres? So why not join the wonderful?
Yes, and such favorite children places like the zoo, circus, Dolphinarium and interesting adults.
Somewhere to go if you have only 2 free days, of course, difficult. Travel is better to postpone the holiday. But to visit the nearby town of field you will have. Can find on the Internet about interesting routes, sights, and boldly go. If the weather allows, can the two of us to walk in his native city. Believe me, you will see the familiar street, not like in the morning rush out of the bus window.
In good weather, get out into nature. Go into the woods or water. Can have a picnic, a photo shoot, to swim, just take a walk and get some fresh air. It can be a walk for a couple of hours, or a small hike where you can build a fire and spend the night in the tent. Take a ball or badminton, and stretch your legs after sitting in the office. In winter, grab your sled and feel free to play snowballs, make snowman and ride a roller coaster.
But it so happens that finances sing romances, or the weather disappoint. Or you are so tired at work that to go somewhere neither the strength nor the desire. The house is also perfectly possible to have fun. For example, to watch interesting movies. Or cook something special. For example, in some families, the weekend is always baking a cake for the first time, or cook an unusual dish.
At home entertain themselves with games. Just not a computer, although there are couples who are happy to fight on the network. But the question now is about Board games. Dominoes, checkers, chess, cards. "Monopoly, "Manager", "Munchkin". Or word games - crocodile, associations, fortune-teller. Give food to the mind together is very exciting! But if you have children, what's to stop all together to assemble the mosaic, the designers?
In the end, the weekend you can have sex not when you have the time and energy, and when you want. Can have a day of experimenting - try new positions or locations, for example, do it in the kitchen or in the garden. Try to arrange the day without clothes. And you can arrange your beloved a romantic evening or a strip, with the continuation.
If you have no children, you generally can do anything. This does not mean that you will become parents wither away from boredom and the monotony of four walls. Just with small children do not go to the disco, or on a long hike. And in the theater, the kid just won't stay. So while there is time, try to catch as much as possible.

Often with the baby, you spend a weekend or a trio, or you have somewhere to go on stage. But if you have grandparents, why not send the child to stay with him for a few days? Believe me, everyone will have a lot of positive emotions. After all, the elderly, and the grandchildren have time to get bored, and you get a little rest from the boundless energy of their beloved child, and remember that you are not only parents, but also spouses.