What's a girl to do when bored at home

Naturally, being at home, you can get bored, and trite advice, clean up, read or watch TV in such a situation only once again prove that your life is monotonous to the point of madness.

If the house has become boring, it is better to think about what can bring you real pleasure.

So, you can relax in the bath, using different cosmetics. Add the water and fragrant foam, clean your face and body, RUB the scrub the skin, apply the mask. If you don't have scrub, you can always use improvised means, for example, mix a small amount of vegetable oil and milled coffee, and a mask to make from pieces of useful vegetables and fruits, oatmeal and sour cream. Hair rinse infusions of herbs, egg yolk and rye bread. You can pamper yourself and wrap with chocolate or honey.

By the way, to become not only more beautiful, but also slimmer, it would be nice to do a set of exercises for problem areas under the fiery music. If you are far from sports, you can just actively dancing in front of the mirror with a hairbrush instead of a microphone, building faces an imaginary audience. This will not only entertain you but also will give positive energy for the rest of the day.

To get rid of boredom it took to use, you can disassemble your wardrobe. Make available fashion and unusual kits, pick up shoes and accessories and arrange a catwalk in front of a mirror, imagining himself a famous model. In the process of the show put things that you like, but not what to wear, as well as those that you wear no longer want. For the first choose a suitable set for the subsequent acquisition and for the second to the new owner.

If you don't know what to do when bored of one, try to collect a small bachelorette party. Call your girlfriends, prepare light meals from what is in the fridge, ask them to buy some popcorn, download a new youth Comedy and enjoy watching the film and pleasant chatter.

If there is nothing to do at home, try dreaming a little. Well, to get from it not only pleasure, but also advantage, make a map of their desires. Take a large sheet of paper, old magazines, scissors, glue and markers. Want a big beautiful house? Cut out and stick your wish on the paper! Next, Park your car and a guy who looked like a famous actor. In the closet hang a gorgeous dress, put shoes on the chest put your favorite cosmetics. Dream of entering a famous University? Find its image on the Internet and add to your collage. Stick anything, on paper, not forgetting the small details. The more detailed your vision, the closer will be the incarnation of dreams in life. Don't forget to hang it in front of a Desk or the bed and enjoy every day, because everyone has long known that thoughts can materialize.

If you are bored and have nothing to do, you can find a lot of interesting things. The main thing here - to change the usual kind of activity. If you love to embroider a cross, shove your work in the drawer of the table and sing karaoke. If you spend your free time watching movies, learn to knit or crochet to make a bouquet of crepe paper.

What to do at home boyfriend, if you get bored

Most of the guys in the answer to the question of what to do when bored, I prefer to choose computer games or watching movies. However, this is not the best option to fight boredom.

If you have a lot of friends, invite them to visit and bottled Beers, and discuss the latest news, play chess, cards or backgammon.

If it is impossible to organize men's gatherings, consider what you can learn. Can't reinstall Windows? Take your old PC and follow the instructions from the Internet, learn this right now. View video lesson on how to do repairs on their hands, make an original gift on birthday to mum, come up with the idea of a custom date for his girl.

Since the man is usually the breadwinner in the family, it is very important that the level of his competence in the service is increasing all the time. Make a map of his career. To do this, take a piece of paper, draw a pyramid of possible promotion or scheme for obtaining the position of your dreams. Details shall describe a list of competencies that you must have on a position and then make a plan for their acquisition. But if you want to become a famous businessman, try to look for new original ideas for starting a business. Not only to benefit from this activity, but also to amuse yourself, don't forget about visualization.

Well kill the boredom of exercise, and you don't even have to go to the gym. Make your own sports equipment out of scrap materials. For example, to construct the weights, you can fill it with water, five-liter cans. If you need a more heavy variant, can be folded in bottle crushed.

To figure out what to do when bored, not necessarily looking for something absolutely incredible, because all ideas usually lie on the surface, think that this life would you like to try? To jump with a parachute or fly in aerotrube - look for the nearest centre providing similar services. Find new friends - go to computer club or fishing. Do not forget to get pleasure from your chosen business.

Something to do if bored together

If you have a significant other, but you and she got bored at home and going out somewhere is not possible, try to come up with a new original class, which required a concerted effort.

Learn to cook a new dish, and then feed each other blindfolded. Assemble the puzzle of several thousand pieces. Draw your dream apartment with full furniture and decoration. Play cards or another intellectual game the wish. Learn new massage techniques.

To figure out what to do when bored with friends is much easier. The main thing - to decide what you want to do. To make a selection, you can write on slips of paper in a few sentences each, roll them up, fold in the bag and pull one of the papers.

What to do company, if your bored at home

If you are going home with their friends, but most of them are bored, try to offer them some team play.

Many on the Cabinet lying old consoles dandy type. Arrange a team championship in the "tank battle" or "mortal Kombat". Nostalgia, excitement and collaborative efforts will not gape even the most boring guys.

Take it to the next meeting of friends is an interesting Board game. This may be a "Mafia", "Monopoly", "Scrabble".

If you and your friends don't know what to do when bored at home, but are fans of active pastime, a game of "Crocodile", "Twister" and other outdoor games. Remember what you played during your childhood, and come together in this wonderful season.

Find interesting to do when bored at home with a company on the Internet. Most of them do not require any special attributes or knowledge.