So, to cheer the fella has his first good to know. What would you do not have young man, his mood will rise from unexpected surprise. Surprises can be different. An unexpected visit, specially prepared food, a good joke, an unusual gift will not leave without emotion your guy.
One of the first thoughts that comes to mind the girl is to surprise and satisfy the man. But, know that men prefer meat and hearty meals. If he has a sweet tooth, then you can prepare a delicious beautiful cake or a cake, writing on them the nice words.
Often the girls well cheer the guy just talking. Remember a funny case of life, share it, tell it all the more funnier.
Play a game or various puzzles. The guy will be in the rapture, knowing that you have mastered and want to play with him in his favorite hobby.
Music also takes some side of life, so enjoy his favorite song, even if you don't like. And most importantly do not forget that the rule "mirrors", which means: do everything with fun and smiling, your partner will catch it from you.
Can also invite the youth to view a humorous TV show or movie, guessing he liked the genre.
And even a small gift may be the solution. Imagine your friend or acquaintance interested in cars, and one day you just give him a small, toy car favorite color and brand. Will be pleased to know that you share his interests and a good sense of humour.
Couples can have fun in another way. A girl can fulfill the most desired fantasy of men. From the film, computer game, perhaps even from the cartoon. Try to learn more about interested in the guy object, study habits and behavior, soak it from the real world he's invented himself.