If you are not sure that your choice will appeal to your passions, it is better to contact before the meeting by telephone or the Internet. Listen to the wishes of the partner (or partners), describe your. Don't forget to take into account your financial situation.
Among the places for leisure, in addition to standard (a cinema, café, theatre, Museum), you can select and student theatre, drama and music. In the most significant institutions of this kind can be attributed to RAM them. Music of RATI-GITIS, Moscow state Conservatory. Tchaikovsky. View posters of these and other universities and faculties of arts. The ticket price for them varies from 50 to 30 p., and for special categories admission can be free. In addition to performances, they regularly hold concerts.
Escape to nature. Common Park in the city holds many stories. If one of you knows these stories, the walk will turn into a full tour.
A simple walk through the city streets can be memorable, if one of you lives far away from date. Aborigine can tell how a street was built, whose name is and why some people (friends of aboriginal people) living on it, etc.
The rest doesn't matter, if you have something to say to each other, with preparation or without it. You can discuss a recently read book or movie, it would just be together and sincerely enjoy each other's company.