Advice 1: How to sew a backpack

To make thing with their hands, because it does not require any special skills and sophisticated equipment. The main thing is desire! For example, to make a backpack is very easy.
How to sew a backpack
You will need
  • Dense fabric, materials for decoration, furniture, sewing supplies.
First we need to gather all the necessary materials. Fabric choose at your own discretion, but it is desirable that it was thick enough, because it affects the shape of the backpack. You can use old jeans. Also, we need a bias binding 2 m Velcro 5cm, lace length 30 cm eyelets 4-piece, small piece of fabric.
When all the necessary elements in place, you can begin to work. You should first find details. We need 2 rectangular piece of 30x25 cm, oval piece for the bottom cover 20x12 cm, a square of 15x15 cm for the pocket, the valve 20x10 cm with two straps 54х4 cm and a piece for the handle 20х3 see the mandatory parts with regard to the seam.
The details of the stitch in the following order. You need to handle the edge of the pocket binding, and then sew it on the front side of one of the rectangles. Now sew the side seams of the basic details and processed the upper section of a leg. The edges of the valve must also be finished with bias binding. To make the straps need to be put into the width of the part of the straps wrong side up, sew, then turn and iron. Is also the handle. The bottom will need to glue the interlining. The next step we cut to the upper rear of the main details protecive handle, straps, and then the valve. To the bottom slice back detail protecive webbing, and then sew the bottom. Here and ready the body of the backpack. There were small details.
Next, you need to punch through 2 grommets on either side. The middle of the lace to attach to the middle of the upper edge of the main part under the flap and sew. It remains to sew the Velcro strip on the underside of the valve and the front side of the backpack. Ready!

So, very easy 2 hours you can make a cute little backpack, giving a second life to old jeans.

Advice 2 : How to sew a portfolio

Portfolio - the perfect complement to a business suit. It will put a folder with documents, magazines and more. Sew elegant women's briefcase is quite in your power. The work will not take much time. For this you can use any dense material, but it is best to sew a portfolio of natural or artificial leather.
How to sew a portfolio
You will need
  • - A4 format or magazines;
  • leather;
  • - sintepon;
  • - fabric for lining;
  • - eyelets;
  • - carbines;
  • leather or suede strips to finish;
  • buckle;
  • - eyelets;
  • - handle;
  • - boot knife;
  • - scissors;
  • - sewing machine, thread, needles;
  • paper or cardboard of A4 size.
The main parts of the portfolio are rectangular in shape, so to cut them directly on the skin. The main purpose of the portfolio is to preserve the integrity and security of business papers, so the size should be no less than A4 sheet. The best option is to cut 2 unnecessary folders for papers. From one take the front and rear walls, they are the same size. The second cut from the front wall and smooth coal, adjacent to one of the long sides. This will be the pattern of the valve. But we can all draw on graph paper.
Put a piece of leather wrong side up. Apply to his parts below the long sides of patterns parallel to each other, and the distance between them was 6-10 cm of the Short edges of all three pieces are a continuation of each other. Outline the pattern. Better to draw with a ballpoint pen, and cut - cobbler's knife with a metal ruler.
On leather, the workpiece will have plenty of details lining and insulation. The batting needs to ensure that the portfolio had at least a little stiffness. It can be successfully replaced, for example, thin purplenum. The lining can be made from silk, flannel or kalandrirovannogo Capronum. Baste the insulation is lined and quilted. You can also use ready-quilted fabric on sintepon, she sometimes comes across in the shops.
Fold leather detail and lining wrong side to each other and pristrochite on the edges. Treat the lateral edge. This can be used, for example, strips of suede or leather in a contrasting color or matching. Fits tight and elastic. The strips fold in half and pristrochite to the side sections of the workpiece.
Make strip for the clasp. Draw and cut out from the skin strip with a length of 60-70 cm, its width is 10-12 cm In any case the strip should be slightly longer than the workpiece, since it covers the entire portfolio and a little stands for valve Fold the strip in half and glue or sostrochite. You can make striped two piece. The short edges of the workpiece, divide in half, mark the middle line and sew to it a strip of the clasp. Leave a free piece of 5-6 at the front of the bag - there will be a hole or a loop for the buckle.
To protruding from the valve end of the strip sew the buckle. Loop for her pristrochite to the edge strips on the front of the bag. The buckle can be any. If the pin in the second end of the strip the holes. Buckle with metal parts reinforce grommets for plastic that is not necessary.
Will have plenty of sidewall. They are rectangles, the length of which is equal to the height of the lateral, width - the distance you had between the parts of the pattern. Side parts can also be strengthened by lining with synthetic padding, provided that your machine take the fabric that thick. Sew the sides to the places reserved for them.
Panel braid or strips of suede the remaining stitches. Attach a handle. This can be, for example, a belt matching the color of old bags. But the handle you can make, cut out a strip of leather of appropriate length and folded it in half. Methods of attachment can also be different. Can remano just sew to the sides of the cover. But you can do it and on the little carbines. Then sewn to the cover of metal or leather loops that, like buckle, reinforced eyelets. Handles and weave, for example, from leather cords.
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