You will need
  • Dense fabric, materials for decoration, furniture, sewing supplies.
First we need to gather all the necessary materials. Fabric choose at your own discretion, but it is desirable that it was thick enough, because it affects the shape of the backpack. You can use old jeans. Also, we need a bias binding 2 m Velcro 5cm, lace length 30 cm eyelets 4-piece, small piece of fabric.
When all the necessary elements in place, you can begin to work. You should first find details. We need 2 rectangular piece of 30x25 cm, oval piece for the bottom cover 20x12 cm, a square of 15x15 cm for the pocket, the valve 20x10 cm with two straps 54х4 cm and a piece for the handle 20х3 see the mandatory parts with regard to the seam.
The details of the stitch in the following order. You need to handle the edge of the pocket binding, and then sew it on the front side of one of the rectangles. Now sew the side seams of the basic details and processed the upper section of a leg. The edges of the valve must also be finished with bias binding. To make the straps need to be put into the width of the part of the straps wrong side up, sew, then turn and iron. Is also the handle. The bottom will need to glue the interlining. The next step we cut to the upper rear of the main details protecive handle, straps, and then the valve. To the bottom slice back detail protecive webbing, and then sew the bottom. Here and ready the body of the backpack. There were small details.
Next, you need to punch through 2 grommets on either side. The middle of the lace to attach to the middle of the upper edge of the main part under the flap and sew. It remains to sew the Velcro strip on the underside of the valve and the front side of the backpack. Ready!

So, very easy 2 hours you can make a cute little backpack, giving a second life to old jeans.