You will need
  • The piece of leatherette or faux suede with a width of 35 cm and a length of 80 cm;
  • Thick cloth – burlap, denim – length 64 cm and width 30 cm;
  • Strong thread.
Make pattern from paper according to the sizes. Parts A, B and D, cut from leather or faux-suede detail – from any dense fabric.
Stitch between the parts C and b to a single canvas. Seam better to double for greater strength. Joint width – 1 cm
Sew along the edge of parts b and A, having receded 1 cm. Sew the side seam of the resulting bag twice. Tuck the top edge 5 cm and pull up it on a circle.
Item D – future of the straps of the bag. Fold it in half, wrap the long edges inwards, align them together and sew over the top. Bend line will also attrocity, departing from the edge 2 mm.
Carefully with a razor strut side seam from the outside and in the hole thread the strap, pulling the ends out. Manually fasten with a needle and thread unpicked the side seam, so it does not spread further.
Align both ends of straps and sew them to the bottom of the bag to the side line of the side seam. It is better to cut out a square of side 2.5 cm and pristroit his place straps on top of the double seam. Bag ready!