You will need
  • - fabric - 100х140 cm;
  • - braid twisted wire - 100 cm;
  • - metal eyelets with a diameter of 1 cm - 6 PCs;
  • - metal rings - 2 PCs.
Prepare to sew the old fabric, which is supposed to produce a bag-backpack: strut things, iron the resulting fabric pieces with a hot iron.
Take out the prepared pieces of fabric or fabric cut: rectangle size 73х37 cm, an oval for the bottom of the bag-backpack (cut from a rectangle of size 27х16 cm), two blanks for the straps – the length of each was 100 cm and the width is 10 cm, the valve is in the form of a rectangle with sides 12h25 see
Take the main large rectangle and sewn with overlock or manually all sides of the workpiece. After that, one of the long sides make the bending (about 3 cm) and prostrochite it on the sewing machine. This is the top side of the Foundation backpack.
Insert metal eyelets in the ACC. Then sew the rectangle on the short side – get a likeness of the pipe.
Sew the oval bottom to the lower edge of the resulting fabric of the workpiece. And to the bottom side, which will come into contact while wearing back, need to sew on the very edge of two metal rings (they will later vdet strap bagbackpack.
Stitch the piece for the straps length 100 cm, turn each of them on the front side. Should be two straps the same length and width about 4.5 cm
Sew pre-processed at the edges of the valve to the top of the backpackand along which are inserted the grommets. At the other end of the valve sew a loop to fasten with a button or ribbon for tying. At the very bag-backpack sew in the right place a button or a ribbon.
Sew top ends of straps on the back side of the bagthe backpackand under the flap. Between the straps , you can make and sew a loop from the same braid, which will take the upper part of the product - this loop is necessary in order that the hostess was subsequently able to hang the bag on a hook or handle.
Pass the grommets in the webbing and tighten it – bag-backpack ready. The finished product can be decorated with colored lace, appliques, buttons.