You will need
  • - synthetic fabric;
  • - foam;
  • - cardboard;
  • - lightning;
  • - threads in tone;
  • - cord for handles;
  • - carbine;
  • - a pair of scissors.
Measure the animal from the withers to the rump, determine the height of the trunk. Cutting three parts - the bottom and two side parts. The height of the side parts is equal to the height of an animal's torso, and the length – measure from withers to croup. These options add four inches.
Cut a piece of main fabric, foam or wadding as lining use good washable material, for example, a waterproof fabric or artificial leather. The lining must be quite strong, so that the animal could not scratch or chew.
The foam parts sew the lining and main fabric. The bottom seal insert of cardboard. The bottom of the bags should be tight so that it does not bend under the weight of the animal. In addition, it should be comfortable to sit and lie to carry.
Stitch the vertical sides of the side parts and sew the casing to the bottom. To the top of the carrying case attach the zipper, leaving a small opening for the head. Pet in the wrong moment can pop out of the bag. To avoid this, carrying inside near the hole for the head and sew the short strong cord with a carabiner so you can attach your pet's collar.
Add the sides of two long handles and one long to wear the bag over your shoulder. Sew pockets of different size for the Essentials: leash, collar, napkins, treats and favorite toys your cat or dog.
That animal was more comfortable and warmer on the bottom lay a fur lining. And for the summer will be indispensable bag in which one side is made of a mesh: the beast and breathing will be easier and watch everything happening around.
The bag-carrying decorate according to your desire: embroidery, beads, rhinestones, sequins, appliques. Sew a few bags in different styles matching your outfits.
Very convenient and practical plastic carrying, they can be washed with any detergent. In addition, the animal will not be able to mess it up with his claws and teeth. However, it is necessary to make a case. Make it from old sweatshirt or heavy shirt and provide lightning.
Measure the desired length of the cover, detachable for portability. Cut off the sleeves of the jacket. Sew the hole and cut a slit under the handle. Leave the neckline is not sewn. Put the cover on the carrier, fasten the lock and go exploring.