Decorate the backpack with applique. You can buy ready-made patches from the treated edge. They are available in the form of images or inscriptions. Sew them to your backpack by hand, Gypsy needle. Pick up a thread of the same color with the base stripe.
To make the application yourself, take colored pieces of felt. They cut out part of the picture and stick or tab for fabric-based. Prepared the application attach to the backpack.
Picture or pattern can be embroidered directly on the fabric portfolio. Make a sketch on paper, separating areas that should be filled with different colors. Transfer the sketch to the backpack using carbon paper for fabric.
Embroider the satin stitch pattern, filling the entire surface. It is best to use embroidery floss and a needle, no larger than the diameter of the string to the holes in the fabric are not visible.
To make more complex colors and shapes and patterns, paint fabric paints portfolio. Apply paint on fabric thin synthetic brush. Parts of the image that needs to be filled with different colors, limit a special circuit. You can also paint the portfolio of permanent markers. Choose markers that are appropriate for a plastic or fabric surfaces.
If the portfolio is made of a material able to withstand thermal processing, decorate it with iron-on transfer. The size and contents of the drawing can be anything. The firms that produce them, and give the opportunity to make the sticker according to your individual sketch and use fluorescent paint. Attach the sticker to the surface of the backpack and press heated to about a hundred degrees iron for a few seconds (time must be indicated in the instructions to the sticker). This product will withstand exposure to moisture and temperature changes.
If you want to periodically change the design of the portfolio, use the removable elements. Make a chain of colored pins. Attach to the backpack icons, or charms.