You will need
  • Two pieces of cardboard 20*20 cm;
  • Backing cloth;
  • The fabric for the front side (denim, matting or any other sturdy fabric);
  • Beads, thread, pieces of leather, satin ribbons, etc.;
  • Lightning with a length of 20 cm;
  • Decorative chain (two lengths from the right hip to left shoulder).
Circle the pieces of cardboard paper with a small margin. Draw any pattern or picture: animal, utensils, and plant or more. Divide the image into small parts. Each of them will consist of a certain material of a certain color, for example, if you decided to depict a horse, the tail and mane can embroider with ribbons, eyes, beads paste and the skin to make it in different size and color pieces of the skin. Carefully draw both squares.
Circle of cardboard on the fabric. Put on top of carbon paper and a sheet with sketches of figures. Copy the drawings so that they exactly coincided with future patterns.
Make embroidery and applique. Then cut out the details: the boxes with the decorations, the tape width of 2 cm and two triangles (median height 20 cm, bottom 2 cm). Every detail cut on the front fabric and the lining. Smoothen the edges.
Sostrochite parts by inserting between squares of lining and face fabric, the pieces of cardboard. Vsheyte zipper and chain, flip over the shoulder. The purse is small for the phone, cosmetics and wallet.