Many people wonder whether it is possible for a week to lose 5 pounds? The answer is – you can. Ask how? Pretty simple really. The only thing You need is a little willpower. Note that the people who are in your weight, losing weight is difficult and very painful. So think carefully before you proceed to Express diet.

So, You need to lose weight by 5 kg. For that You for a whole week, radically change your diet. For starters, you need to eliminate all flour of joy, including bread. Then, exclude the potatoes and eggs. From dairy products you can leave the cheese and yogurt. Meat, goes behind the scenes and You forget about its existence. Instead, for a week You put some fish and seafood of choice. Seafood should be a white Cape, that is, mussels and oysters fall off. Suitable squid, shrimp and scallops. Else You eat oatmeal on water and dried fruits.

Food this week You should be just enough to support the biochemistry of the stomach. That is yogurt or cottage cheese in the morning. Rice and some fish or seafood for lunch. Dried fruit and fruit for dinner. What You can be enough liquid. Laxative a decoction of the leaves, seeds and twigs of plum. Chamomile and cranberry, brewed together. Diuretic teas and fees. Don't forget about juices, compotes and fruit drinks.

A mandatory condition for getting the enema in the morning and evening. Without this You just eat right all week, and the effect You did not deign to his visit.

If the result does not satisfy You, there are several explanations. First, You cheated and ate something else. Second, Your body has such a large domestic reserves of that week he little, in order to start the weight loss. Third, You are in the weight, and to lose weight you don't need. Choose any and use on health.