You will need
  • model instructions
  • safety requirements
Make the introductory part of the production instructions. Here reflect the scope and purpose of the document.
Reflect the requirements of occupational safety in the main part of the document, before the description of the work. Here you can specify links to available instructions on labor protection, sanitary norms and rules, or to make the text specific requirements. Here is the same quote used personal protective equipment, safety requirements for component parts, Assembly units and materials.
Describe the technological sequence of actions, operations. Processes describe simple sentences, denoting the action on the object, accompanying parameters (if necessary). Write down the information about the required technological regime, i.e. the parameters of temperature, pressure, power etc. required for execution of the operation.
Specify what equipment is involved in the process. Names of the fixtures, tools and measuring instruments specify in accordance with technological documentation to them. Attributing tools and devices letter code, you can shorten the text descriptions of the operations.
Description of operation of the equipment, make a list or sequence of actions of the personnel operating it. There may be points about the responsibilities of the staff during the preparation of equipment to work, during work, breakdowns and emergency situations and to complete the work on the equipment. In addition, it prescribes the responsibility of the personnel in the servicing arrangements and work on them.
Break large text into sections and subsections. Items and sub number. Bring a table or graphic illustrations, if they are needed.
On the first page the user enter its name (top), the industry refers to manufacturing. Below the right should be a signature on the approval of the user, position and date of the approver. Next, position the main text of the statement, which, if necessary, carry on subsequent pages. Right and bottom, in separate field specify the composition of its performers and the name of the developer and controller.