The main requirement for cookware for induction cookers is its ability to the magnetization. Therefore, these plates do not fit pots and pans of aluminum, copper, glass and other materials that do not have magnetic properties.

Understand the principle of operation of the induction plates to choose or buy a suitable container is not difficult.

What should be your home utensils

Not necessarily for a cooker with an induction coil immediately buying a new set of dishes. You can use homemade pots and pansif they meet the requirements. Furthermore, plates of this type just are not included, if you use the dishes the wrong type.

Requirements for home ware:

  • pots and pans made of materials with ferromagnetic properties;
  • the bottom diameter at least 12 cm and a thickness of not less than 2 mm;
  • perfectly flat, undeformed bottom.

Special cookware for induction cookers

Produced a special cookware, induction furnace, which is characterized by excellent quality and beautiful custom properties. The main advantage – uniform distribution of heat over the surface of the tank. Special cookware for induction stoves also suitable for gas and electric ovens.

Quality cookware, manufactured specially for induction cookers, shall meet the following requirements:

  • in a special dish have a drive for the accumulation and distribution of heat;
  • the bottom has ferromagnetic properties;
  • the cookware evenly and quickly heat up.

Specialized cookware for induction cookers is listed as – sign in the shape of a spiral. Appliances for cooking in induction cooker, have the same sign and provide the correct temperature distribution. It is very important to fit the size. Any cookware item should be able to slide in the oven and not to touch the edges.

Special cookware for induction cookers are usually made from cast iron or stainless steel. Produced and aluminum devices, with the bottom covered with a ferromagnetic metal, and utensils with non-stick coating. All options have advantages and disadvantages.

Different cookware for induction cookers

Utensils made of "stainless steel" resistant to oxidation. Food cooked in it retains its useful properties. In stainless steel cookware can safely store cooked food for a while. The disadvantages include the possibility of allergic reaction to Nickel contained in the alloy.

Cast iron cookware is durable, long retains the heat and ensures even heating across the surface of the cookware. Cookware made of cast iron are chemically inert. The disadvantages of cast iron cookware you can carry a lot of weight and fragility.

Enamelwaremade of steel alloys, also suitable for induction cookers. An important point when choosing a enamelware – form DNA. The bottom should be flat. If the bottom of the utensils has a recess, it could work as an amplifier of wave fluctuations that cause noise during use.

Aluminum cookware with a bottom made of ferromagnetic metal is lightweight, conducts heat really well. But in this dish you can't store acidic foods and it quickly loses its marketability. Cookware with non-stick coating for induction cookers with improper care may lose their properties.

Cookware for induction cookers produce European and Russian manufacturers. A selection of this tableware allows you to select the best option for quality and price.