To install a induction cooktop, make sure that the tabletop material resistant to a temperature of 100C. If the bar is built over the oven, keep in mind that it needs to be equipped with a cooling system.
Niche dimensions in a kitchen unit depend on the model plate, and in order to avoid overheating of the surrounding surfaces and ensure adequate ventilation panel must be installed at a minimum distance of 4 cm from the back wall or any vertical surfaces. The distance between the located on the bottom cooking element and opening the hob must be at least 2 cm.
Install the product only on a perfectly smooth surface. Otherwise, fixing any strain which can lead to a change in operating characteristics and panel characteristics.
Using stupid short screws screw in the holes on the sides of the hob four centering springs. Place the hob into the opening of the kitchen module and press the Central part so that the panel is flat against the surface.
Hob with side profiles when fixing, put in the niche of the module and insert the retaining hooks (four of them with pins) on the lower perimeter. Screw them long sharp bolts, ensuring a snug fit of the glass to the kitchen top. Keep all the screws for the alignment springs were available.
Following the safety rules, make sure that after installation of the product was excluded any possibility of contact with electric parts. Protected items secure so that they can be removed only by using the special tool.
For security purposes, perform the electrical connection is recessed oven and hob separately. Before connecting to 220 To make sure that the power outlet grounded and are designed for the maximum power consumed by the appliance (indicated on the name plate with technical characteristics).