Granite pan

The first non-stick pans had a lot of disadvantages: they emit harmful to human health substances, and the coating was short-lived, quickly scratched, and after a while the food began to burn even stronger than in a normal pan. Today there are new technologies in this field: non-stick coatings become more durable and high quality, and their safety makes them more popular than Teflon. Appeared in ceramic, marble, granite pan.

The latter is the result of recent developments, yet these products have not become widely spread, but many Housewives have appreciated their advantages.

Granite pans may be sold under the name "stone" or "marble". In fact, their coverage consists of fine crumbs made from granite. These solid mineral particles make non-stick film on the surface is very durable and long lasting as compared to Teflon, and compared with the popular ceramic pans that are easily fractured. Due to this resistance, the coating does not separate at high temperatures and is not dangerous to humans.

Marble or granite coating can be applied to any pan: how cheap aluminum and expensive the more robust and durable material. Typically, these pans are made of cast aluminum – a light metal of good conductivity.

The advantages and disadvantages of granite pan

Fry pan with granite coating is more environmentally friendly and harmless compared to other non-stick products. Its surface heats up evenly, so the food is fried or cooked in any area: in the center and at the edges. These pans are suitable for any type of food, the food does not stick to the surface, it is easy to clean. Due to uniform distribution of heat dishes are not too hot, so the non-stick layer is not destroyed.

Choosing a granite pan, note the thickness of the walls and bottom: the bottom shall be at least 6 mm, and the wall is 3.5 mm.

Such products there are a few minor flaws or nuances. They require careful treatment: marble coating is sensitive to scratching, so when cooking you need to use wooden blades, and wash the surface to be only a soft sponge. However, compared to Teflon or ceramic pans in the kitchen, granite is more resistant to such influences.