When using induction cooking, you should consider that the heat for heating occurs directly in the bottom of the dish - pan, bucket, frying pan, etc. is this effect due to the fact that in the plate there is a copper coil, forming a high frequency electric current. Magnetic field, according to the laws of physics that pervade the bottom of the pot and induce therein electrical currents. The bottom of kitchen utensils in most cases round, so the currents begin to run in a circle. The result is heated and the bottom, and the food in the container.

Statistically, induction hob heats ordinary water to the boil faster than any other stove. So, for example, 15, a litre of water can boil in 3.2 minutes, despite the fact that on an electric burner it will only happen in 14 minutes. Cools down this oven also faster - just 6 minutes (compared to electric, which spends 50 minutes cooling).
One of the advantages of induction cooking is the fact that if you put an empty pot or other container, it will not turn on. This means that you will be protected from his forgetfulness.

Naturally, given all parameters, it should be understood that any crockery in this case will not fit. Therefore, if you set an induction stove, be prepared for the fact that you have to throw out all your existing enamelled saucepans and other kitchen utensils.

What should be the cookware for induction stoves

The hot plate is switched on only when interacting with cookware that has a ferromagnetic properties. If you use any another, for example, the one that is usually taken for a simple stove, and set it on the stove, it just won't work.
To check whether or not cookware for induction cookers is quite simple - you just attach a magnet to the bottom. If it is not stuck, will have to look for other options.

As a rule, idealnym option for induction cookers is dishes, wybalenna stainless steel or cast iron. If you don't know which one to choose, study the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. So, for example, stainless steel is prized by women for beautiful appearance and good design (dishes are usually either matte or glossy, and looks very interesting on the hob). In addition, stainless steel is highly resistant to rust and corrosion, so it is particularly will not change (of course, with proper care and proper cleaning). And the stainless steel cookware is universal. It is perfect for cooking on the stove and cooked in the refrigerator.

As for the cons of such dishes, they that she does not have a nonstick coating. This means that the products can stick to the bottom. To avoid such troubles, you can, if you can put the products only on a heated surface.

Cast iron has a number of advantages and benefits. For example, it is considered to be very durable. Cast iron cookware is often even passed down to children. In addition, cast iron has excellent thermal conductivity - heats quickly and holds heat well. And is considered one of the most environmentally friendly materials that does not contain any harmful substances and does not spoil the taste of the food.

Of the minuses secrete too much weight and the fragility of the metal (if it dropped, it may crack). If you decide to choose the dishes with a cast iron base, it is best to take those options, which are covered with enamel. This will help avoid corrosion.

He and the other kind of cookware can have nonstick. Naturally, the main advantage of such a reliable degree of protection of utensils from burning and sticking of products to the bottom. Of the minuses call the fragility of the coating when it may be damaged. Indeed, in this case to use the pot or pan will be.

Technical requirements for cookware for induction cookers is quite simple. It must occupy at least 70% of the area burners on the hob (or be at least 12 cm in diameter), and the thickness of the bottom shall be not less than 2-4 mm. While the cost of such special dishes slightly more expensive than regular. Usually on the bottom of the manufacturers put a special icon that indicates that this cookware is designed for induction cookers. This cookware will make your cooking process more accurate and healthy.

It should also be remembered that these pots and pans may well be used for cooking other types of plates - conventional glass-ceramic, electric and gas.

Manufacturers of cookware for induction cookers

To date, the production of crockery for the new plates do most of the eminent manufacturers. It Tefal, Tupperwear, Fissier, Woll and others. They represent the market high quality products that meet all the specified requirements and is able to meet the needs of a modern housewife. Experts, incidentally, is also recommended to choose well-known brands to be 100% confident in the quality.

To buy a set of dishes today is not a problem - they are sold in all stores, including online.