What is induction cooker?

With the mind of an induction cooktop is quite similar to ordinary glass-ceramic. However, they have a fundamental difference in technological stuffing. Under the smooth glass surface is a copper coil that conducts an electric current very high frequency, which creates a vortex magnetic field. It freely passes through a layer of glass-ceramic, and only affects the bottom metal utensils, creating currents of induction. This heats up the bottom of the pan, but the surface and the walls of the cookware stay cool. It should be noted that the heating in this case is much faster than traditional heating elements. The induction cooker requires only three minutes of work to boil half a liter of water, ordinary electrocentre spend more than ten minutes.

From induction cookers there are other nice features. They heat only the cookware, and located underneath the glass ceramic surface only heats up to sixty degrees, which allows it to quickly cool down after switching off. Consequently, this surface will be very easy to get rid of milk and accidentally caught fragments of food simply by wiping it with a rag. The low temperature glass ceramic surface ensures the absence of Chad and the smoke, moreover, minimizes the risk of a burn.

The right cookware

Have to say that the actual induction cooker is switched on only after she put the dishes. If you remove the pot or pan with the burner, it turns off automatically. It is very important to choose the right cookware for use on induction cooktops. This cookware should have ferromagnetic properties, meaning it must be made of iron, steel (allowable coating of enamel or cast iron. Easy to check if the vending pan for your stove, it is enough to check whether it attracts a magnet. The bottom of the cookware must be very smooth, besides, it should cover about seventy percent of the area of the burner. Some modern models are able to adjust automatically to the area of the bottom is installed on the burner pans, but so far these plates are not very many.

Suitable for use on induction cooktops cookware is labeled with a picture of the springs. It can be applied on the packaging or on the bottom of the pan or pans. Near the spring there should be an inscription Induction.