You will need
  • phone;
  • - instructions to him.
If you have a regular phone, go to its General settings and change the language preferences settings as desired enter messages in the future to change this item you will only from this menu. This typically applies to phones on older models.
In the input menu, text SMSmessages , select "input Options" and then "Change input language". In the future, to toggle use the same scheme. Please note that the launch of this menu may be accessed using the shortcut buttons, which is also characteristic of some older models of mobile devices.
Typing a message in the menu of the phone, press the button with the image of a grid or stars – these buttons are used for changing the input language, and also for changing the mode of writing upper and lower case, activate the T9 and other settings, depending on your phone model. The same is true for ordinary phones Nokia, Voxtel, Sony Ericsson and so on.
If your Nokia phone QWERTY keyboard, use the key combination up arrow and the icon buttons of the character input and the inclusion of a Bluetooth connection, it will note that the arrow button you need to press a little earlier. In the menu that appears check the box next to the desired input language. You can also use the input functions to set additional parameters for text input.
Similarly, switch input language messages in Samsung smartphone with QWERTY-keyboard. Also for some similar phones running a combination of Ctrl with other system keys. To view these combinations, you can read the review of the functions of your phone on the Internet and carefully read the user manual to your mobile device, which comes complete the mandatory.