If you are working in Microsoft Office Word, make sure to use the correct settings. Run the program and click on the Office button in the upper left corner of the window. In the context menu click "Word Options" (located in the lower right corner of the menu). This will open a new dialog box.
Go to "Spelling" by clicking on it with the left mouse button. Click on the "AutoCorrect Options" in the same group. Opens an additional dialog box. Make sure you are on the tab "AutoCorrect" and remove the marker from the field "Fix keyboard". Apply new settings click OK in all open Windows.
Switching layouts takes place automatically if your PC has a utility designed for this, for example, Punto Switcher. To temporarily disable the change language, click on the utility icon in the notification area on the taskbar, right-click. Do not confuse the icon Punto Switcher icon the standard Windows language bar. You need the icon looks like either a Russian or an American flag, or as the letters EN and EN on a blue and red background.
In the context menu remove the marker from the item "Auto". After this change of language will occur after pressing your assigned hot keys. To completely remove a tool, click its icon with the right mouse button and select menu item "Exit". In that case, if the icon is Punto Switcher is not displayed on the taskbar, and you can't control the utility, specify the desired settings.
In the folder Punto Switcher click punto.exe. Opens the settings window. In the "General" tab on the Main tab set the marker in the "Show icon on taskbar" and apply the new settings. Out of necessity to create additional settings to change the keyboard layout in the section "switching Rules".