You will need
  • The computer program Punto Switcher
Automatically switch keyboard layouts. The computer itself will not change the language of the text you entered, for that he needs to help. You will need a special program that once installed on the computer automatically detects the word you enter and sets the right layout for him. If the program mistakenly change the language, you can undo the change by pressing a button, which will set in the program settings. The app can be downloaded on the Internet – the program is free.
Switch input language to English using a combined keystroke. To change Russian language to English, you need to perform simultaneous pressing the keys "Shift"+"Alt" or "Shift"+"Ctrl". Try the first button press "Shift" as primary press "Alt" activates the control panel window open, that is quite difficult and sometimes knocks caught the rhythm of work.
You can also switch the keyboard layout via language support, the entrance to which is via the control panel. On the panel you will see the currently displayed input language. Click on it with the left mouse button and tick the English language. More detailed settings are made by pressing the right mouse button on the label.