The first method. On the taskbar in the lower right corner, there is a language bar. Click on it and in the opened window with the mouse, choose the desired language. If the language bar is not displayed on the taskbar, then you can find it by clicking right mouse button on the panel in the window that appears, select "toolbars" and then tick "language bar".
The second method. The most common. Click on the keyboard combination of Ctrl + Shift or Alt +Shift. Usually in Windows, the language is the default Russian-English, so this method should work.
The third way. Self-adjustment buttons to change the language. To do this, go to start menu – toolbar – regional and language options (for those using Windows XP). Select the tab "Languages" in order to view or change language click on the "read More". In the opened window you can make changes in the language bar (to enable or disable the taskbar, change the default language and change the keyboard settings.